Spring Lawn Care

Some words on springtime rentals.

Spring lawn care is a short rental season. If you need a lawn de-thatcher, seeder, or aerator (plugger) you should be renting them soon! Seeding and aerating in particular need to be done before the heat of summer kicks in.
A limited time to use the tools means a limited time for us to rent them. Please, pick up and return your rentals on time! Other customers are waiting for those items for their own yard work and we don’t want to send them away because someone else was late. Also, please call us if you need to cancel your reservation! Someone else may want that item if you don’t.
Our rental periods are full day and half day on most items. During the week that means full day rental: 8am to 8am or 4pm to 4pm; and half day rental:  8am to noon, noon to 4pm, or 4pm to 8am the next morning. Saturday rentals are full day: 8am to 4pm;  half day: 8am to noon, noon to 4pm; and Sunday; 4pm Sat to 8am Mon.

Thank you,
Northampton Rental Center, Inc

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