A few new items.

There hasn’t been much going on this winter (except another winter storm today!) but we have added a few new items for rental.

First up – Square white china plates! Lunch and snack size with cup and saucer. Click on image for larger view.

white china

Square White China

Also, after being closed up this winter is your basement (or any other room) a bit musty smelling? We have the answer! Along with our dehumidifiers and HEPA air scrubbers we now have an ozone generator – the OdorStop OS3500! It rents for $40 per day or $160 per week.

front panel

The front panel of the Odor Stop OS3500


rear panel os3500

The rear panel of the OS3500

From the OdorStop website:

Product Description

The OS3500-220V is designed for use with 220 volt electrical systems. It is perfect for deodorizing and sanitizing large spaces such as hotel suites, large offices, homes, condos, apartments, pool halls, restrooms, basements, locker and fitness rooms, yachts, and large RV’s. It will eliminate severe odor caused by mold, mildew, tobacco, fire and smoke, water and flood damage, animals, decaying matter, body odor, cooking smells, and more. This model is lightweight (9Lbs), has variable ozone output, and a 12 hour timer with a constant on (hold) option. The unique design also allows the ozone plates to be cleaned without taking the unit apart. The OS3500-220V will eliminate even the most stubborn odors.

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