Party Rental Information

Place your full order at least 2 to 3 months in advance of your event date with final edits by 2 weeks in advance.

Tent Rentals:
We require a 50% deposit 2 to 3 weeks in advance and full payment by delivery. Some towns require permits for tents, yes, even for back yard parties. You are responsible for getting the permit.. Just get the form from the town office and bring it to us, we will fill out our part.
If you are not sure a tent will fit where you need it we can arrange to come out to the location to measure. Make sure you know if and where there any buried cables or lines, we don’t want to take out your sprinkler system!
When we deliver your order we will set up the tent and, if ordered, assemble the dance floor and string up the perimeter lights, but we do not set up table and chairs. Those, along with any other items ordered, will be stacked under the tent. All tables and chairs must be broken down and re-stacked for pick up.
Also, we would like to be able to drive right to the set up area. Let us know in advance if this will be a problem!

We schedule deliveries between 8am-noon and noon-4pm, with a little wiggle room in between. We will try to accommodate specific times but that is not always possible!

Dishware, flatware, etc:
All tableware, food service equipment, etc. must be cleaned before return! Dishware and flatware must be scraped and rinsed. Glassware must be put back in the racks upside down to drain. Linens must be shaken out and NOT re-bagged!

Equipment Rental Information

Our rental rates are for full day, half day or weekend time periods. A full day is an 8 hour work day, however, we allow you to return the item on the next day at the same time it went out. A half day rental is 4 hours during the day or from 4pm to 8am the next day. Weekend rentals run from Saturday AM to 8AM Monday for a one and a half day charge or Saturday PM (after 4) to 8AM Monday for a one day charge.

Please note: Equipment rental rates are for time out not time used!